You Have An Oil For That?


When I decided that this blog would be for everyone and not only for those with spouses overseas, I did not imagine in one billion years any of my posts would be about oils.

For years and years I was the girl against oils and chemical free life. I thought it was weird and anyone who used them was crunchy and lied about “the amazing wonders of oils”. That products nowadays were made the way they were for a reason. I was wrong.

One time when I was in the store I had someone come up to me and say “Oh! You have to try lavender oil on your hair! It would do wonders for your corse hair”. I stared at them with a dumb facial expression thinking “please take your crunchy self and walk away”. I became the girl that for NO REASON at all was straight up against oils and would argue with anyone who wanted to prove it was better for me.

I am the first to admit I was a stubborn ass on that topic and I apologize to anyone reading this if I was ever rude to you about oils. You were right and I was wrong because y’all…when I truly looked into oils and started using them my life was forever changed!

When I was not feeling pressure from anyone to pursue a healthier life style is when I started looking up the pros and cons. Lets say the only con I found was holy moly there is so much to learn! I started to feel overwhelmed and I reached out to my sister in laws and friend to ask the “beginner oils for dummies questions”. Between them all I started understanding more and more every day about which oils to intake and which ones were topical.

About a month after I started to really get into oils I brought it up to my husband and his response was “about time woman”. He has been pro oils since the beginning of our relationship since he grew up with very little. His family grew up making their own stuff with oils and it was a life he was used to. They were able to save money and be healthier than others at the same time. Healthy and save money? Heck yeah, sign me up!

The few things I have been persistent in making so far is laundry detergent, makeup remover and my own bath bombs. Can I pat myself on the back and say the bath bombs smell like heaven delight? If anyone is interested in the recipe I will add a tab for all three. Comment below and let me know!

It is not easy to go completely chemical free. You have to research ingredients and honestly your body needs to cleanse from using chemicals for so long. These two steps are the hardest. Do not beat yourself up if you are just starting on this journey. I am here for you and I will be the first one to tell you that no question is stupid. Through the next few months you all will be the first to know of my failure with oils and my success!

Thank you ladies and gentleman for reading todays post. You guys are all amazing! Please no negative comments since this is just me sharing our story.

Love you all! ❤

Jac Jac

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