The Story of Us…Truthfully


Boy meets girl, boy and girl date, and fall in love.  Everyone’s story should be as easy as that right? Well ours was not. Anyone who really knows me can testify that nothing I do is ever complication free.

In spring of 2013 I had my heart broken by a guy I thought would be my forever. When that relationship ended I felt lost, alone, and confused. How could I be so blind? In the moment it seemed like everyone around me were in relationships, so I did the only “logical” thing a girl my age would do.

You guessed right! I joined a dating website.

Through the next few months I met guys online of all types. The jocks, the nerds, the guys that are way too into themselves and the sweet ones but no connection. No one really stood out to me and I started feeling even more alone. At the end of July, I met a guy who was stationed in Germany. We clicked but not in a relationship way, he needed a friend to confide in and so did I.

After we started talking I took down my dating profile, focused more on myself and growing the friendship with my new pen pal. He helped me bring my insecurities to light and together we tried working through them. Fast forward another few months we started skyping every morning and night. It became so natural that I had a guy best friend overseas. On one October night during our regular FaceTime talks a guy comes barging through my friends door saying “Where the F*$# are my pants? I know you stole mine”. All of a sudden, the guy that barged in looked up at the screen to see me. He stopped and stared. A few seconds later he took a chair and pulled himself up to the screen, “Hello Beautiful and who may you be”? After blushing my friend introduced us and said, “This is my bro Dennis, and actually Jaclyn he is from Florida too”.  (Yes, my husband’s name is Chance but everyone called him by his middle name) I simply gave a nod because I could not stop blushing, no one should be as good looking as him. Can I get an amen?

My friend, Dennis (Chance, I still didn’t know this was his real name) and I would all facetime every day for weeks. We became the three best friends. One day my friend confronted Chance and I separately, we needed to grow up already and start dating because everyone in the universe could tell we liked each other.

On December 23rd, 2013, Chance told me his first name and asked me to be his girlfriend. I was hesitant at first because I have never even met this man in person but I felt strongly to say yes. Over the next two weeks I started having doubts, realizing dating a military guy was not easy. He drank, partied all the time, and had a whole life I was not a part of. One night while facetiming Chance opened up to me saying how he has never been happier and wanted our relationship to work. My heart broke into a million pieces after I heard him say the words I was longing to hear. Tears were streaming down my face when I confronted Chance saying dating a military guy was something I could not handle. He replied in the sweetest way, “He hopes one day we get back together and can stay friends”. After we hung up that night I blocked him and my friend from everything but my heart knew I did the wrong thing saying goodbye to this man.

About a month or two later I was already dating another guy but could not stop thinking of Chance. The man I never met in person but who truly captured my heart. When the guy I currently was dating went into kiss me I accidently called him Chance. Let’s just say that relationship ended soon after.

I realized quickly I was an idiot and needed to reach back out to Chance. Soon after I sent them both a message explaining my mistake of cutting them off. Chance let me know right away he still had strong feelings for me but he was seeing another girl. I let him know this time I am not going anywhere and even if he only needed a friend I was okay with that. A few more weeks passed and our friend told Chance that he needs to get back together with me because I was a rare girl to find. (Such a sweetie!) Later on Chance ended his relationship and we started talking to each other again. This time we would fight for our relationship no matter the circumstance.

Our family members and friends asked us how we met but I was too ashamed to say it was through skype and we were dating without ever meeting in person. Who would believe you can fall in love online? Chance wanted to tell the truth but my insecurity got the best of me. Lied for years to people we love dearly because I did not want us to be judged. I fully admit that it was so wrong to lie and now as I look back I do not see what the big deal was and how silly it was to keep away the truth but hey now it is a part of our story right?

Chance and I had chosen to start a fully committed relationship but that was only the beginning. Our next step was to actually meet in person and second to figure out how two very different people can learn to love each other at our worst.  I will be sharing two more blogs in the coming months about the first time we met in person and all the struggles we had to go through to build our strong relationship today.

Thank you to everyone for taking time out of your day for reading this post! Please no negative comments and only positive vibes. This is simply me just sharing our story.

Love you all! ❤

Jac Jac


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