This Is A Forever Career


When people ask me what it is that my husband does overseas I simply respond, “He works and I do not ask too many questions because 99% of the time his response will be “I don’t know”. The famous “I don’t know” response is one every military and contracting wife will get used to and accept as a legitimate answer. For example, “When is your husband coming home?”, “Will he be home for the holidays?”, or “Will he be home for the baby’s birth?”. The answer to all of those questions are I do not know and even if I did know my answer will change at least 75 times in the next few weeks.

One of the hardest questions to answer is “Will this be Chances forever career?”. See maybe I should rephrase myself; it is not that the question is hard to answer. The hard part is seeing people’s reactions and hearing their opinions once I do answer. Yes, this is Chances forever career. I know, I know, many of you right now reading this are thinking, “Why would a husband choose to be overseas that much?” or “Why would a husband want to be gone that long?” or the worst question, “Do you and your husband even love each other if you are willing to be apart for so long?”.

I have realized in the last 2 years that when people ask me this question they really do not want to know the true answer. They want to put their two cents in. In today’s society we are used to voicing our opinions on other people’s lives. Social media has stepped up its game and divided our society. Whenever a celebrity couple breaks up or a politician’s dirty laundry is aired out on TV, it only takes a matter of seconds before people start commenting what they think or how they would have done it better. Now I admit that I get totally suckered into social media and celebrity’s lives. I talk to my family and best friends about how I wish so-and-so were still together and how so-and-so was stupid to do the stupid thing they did, but being the girl on the other side has showed me I can be a hypocrite. Why is it okay for me to voice my opinion on someone’s life when I do not know their circumstance, yet I cannot handle someone questioning Chances and I life choice?

Clear the air, my husband is the hardest working man to have ever walked this earth. He is willing to sacrifice everything so I and our future son could have more than we dreamed was possible. When we first met I remember asking him what is most important to him. I was expecting him to respond maybe something like “Family” or “Being successful” but his response was, “God, family and country; In that order”. Those three things are what keep him going. He honors God by following the path He put before us, and he is providing for his family by protecting the country he loves. The question that is asked after the forever career one is this, “Why would he choose to stay overseas missing all the memories back home?”. This is actually the easiest to answer. “He loves us so much, he is willing to work 335 days every year busting his ass for his family and country so the 30 days he is home we can make them the most memorable days ever. We get to celebrate every holiday within a week. We get to go on these adventures people dream of. We get to have the intimate moments you only see in movies.

Chance has given me the opportunity to be a stay at home mom and chase my dream of being a blogger. He has given me every open door for our dreams to become reality and if one door closes he works damn hard to make sure another door opens. I support my husband’s decision to be over where he is because he did not make this decision alone. We made it together as a team. As a couple. As two best friends willing to go through heart ache for one day to end up in a reality that we prayed so many years for. I’m realizing now not many people will understand why we chose this life and why we are willing to go through this. Honestly, I don’t think one blog post will be enough to explain it all but this is a start. A start for everyone out in the world to have an open heart to those around us who choose a different path. We should be united as one instead of groups tearing each other down. We have the voice. We have the motive. So why can’t everyone accept that everyone’s story is different?

Thank you to everyone who tuned in for today’s blog! It really means a lot to have people reading this. Please no negative comments as this is just me sharing our story.

Love you all!

Jac Jac

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