Social Media. Real Life?


It is not a secret social media has changed the game. We are a generation that needs to post, share and like everything. Some of our days are even determined by how many likes we get on our pictures. Now, now…I am the first to admit I love posting about my life! Heck I make it seem like everything is perfect, when in reality I have the same issues and problems as the next person. I highlight only the good in my life because it is a moment of escape from reality.  

When did social media transform our minds to believe we need to prove to others that our lives are perfect? We need filters to feel beautiful? The amount of likes and follows determines how important we are? How did we get here? 

I am the girl that will post all the lovey dovey, mushy gushy, and sentimental posts about my husband, family and best friends…but do not let that fool you into thinking that my life is perfect. My husband and I fight, we disagree, and these last three weeks have been the hardest in our marriage. As for my family, just like my husband we have disagreements and are not the brady bunch all the time. Lastly, my best friends and I. I can be a lot to handle; I’m emotional, sensitive, and well you get the point.  

No one wants to post about how bad their life is in the moment because people judge and gossip. Since we are a generation that does judge and gossip we want to make sure we are showing our best life. One thing I noticed about our generation is we pride ourselves that we accept everyone for who they are, but do we really? When I see comments on some peoples post the judgements and the bullying are real.  

How do we change this? How can we get the judging to stop? Personally, I think we need to start being honest with who we are on social media. I am not saying you have to lay out your dirty laundry but be more real. Be more accepting of each other. We have freedom of speech, so as a generation let us finally let everyone freely speak without the fear of retaliation or judgement!  

These past few weeks I have been silent on social media. Why? Because I was going through some dark times and I didn’t want it to show or ruin my image. Than it hit me…I do not care about that! Everyone goes through dark times and if I am a girl that likes to post about stuff I shouldn’t let going through a bad time stop me! 

Not everyone is “poster” like me, some people like keeping things to themselves. Which is totally fine! We should not judge a person for posting and sharing “too much” or a person posting and sharing “too little”. We need be here for one another, lift each other up, comment and like each other’s stuff. Our value though should not be determined by shares, comments or likes. Our value needs to come from within. Who we are as a person. 

Recently I had one of my best friends mention I need to love myself more. At first, I was taken back but then I realized she was 100% right. I was so caught up in what others saw in me and how they viewed my life that I forgot what it was like to love me for who I am now and what I have been through. 

I know social media is not going anywhere, if anything it will keep becoming more and more the way we live our lives. Maybe, just maybe a few of us can start being the “true” us on social media and that will go viral.  

Thank you to everyone who has been so patient for this post and taking the time out of your day to read my post! Please no negative comments as this is just me sharing my story.  

Love you all! ❤ 

Jac Jac  

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