Pregnancy Truth Time


Alright ladies, can we be real about pregnancy? How many of you were ready for all the crazy stuff that happens to your body while your bundle of joy is growing in your belly for 40 weeks? I will one hundred percent admit I was not! Everywhere on social media and in all the magazines you see pregnancy as this beautiful, easy, and blissful process. Well…personally….I call bull shit. Yup! I said it. Let’s get to the real talk now about a few things: Hormones, stretch marks, mommy forgetful brain and peeing. 

Hormones time ladies! Everyone knows as soon as you announce you are pregnant you will have at least one person say “Oh get ready for your hormones to change!”. Even though deep, deep, deep down you know they are right there is the independent part of you that wants to say “The hormones won’t change me that much”. I was and am an emotional person without being pregnant so I couldn’t possibly see how much more pregnancy can change me. I was so wrong! Girls…I did not turn into a crying preggo..I turned into an angry and irritated at everyone!  

Simple things would start getting on my nerves and the farther along I progressed in my pregnancy the more things annoyed me. For instance, all of the pregnancy comments I started receiving around 5 months. I was in Marshalls at the checkout line and the cash register lady decided to say “Oh wow! You must be ready to pop! Your belly is so big and I can tell you are having a girl”. Now, if looks could kill than my evil glare at her would’ve done it! So badly I wanted to say “I am not pregnant” but I couldn’t get away with that since everything I was buying was baby stuff. I smiled and told her “Nope! You are all wrong”. Her face was priceless, so confused as she finished bagging my stuff. The next time I went back to the store she was behind the counter and when she saw me she had someone switch with her at the register. I kind of felt bad but kind of didn’t because part of me felt satisfied.  

Over the next few weeks my hormones went from crying at those cute becoming a mom videos on facebook to wanting to slap someone if they breath the wrong away. Some days you will feel like a gorgeous preggo in your cute maternity clothes and ready to conquer the world and not even a few hours later you are sweating like a dog in the summer and feeling bigger than a whale.

Have any of you cried because you were craving something so much and you finally go to the grocery store and get it? This has happened to me! I wanted chocolate chocolate chip hagen daz ice cream and when I got to publix I started tearing up because it was on bogo. Buy one get one free. Yes, I bought two and both were gone within 24 hours!  

It is a constant back and forth with emotions. Kind of like a game, when you wake up you do not know for sure if you will happy, crying or mad for absolutely no reason! Hormones though are not the worst part of being pregnant, I personally believe the peeing and stretch marks are a tie.  

I am not talking about the constant peeing because as much as that is annoying everyone has heard how much a pregnant girl pees. Like a lot. 4-6 times a night during the last trimester and sometimes when your little love pushes down you have to pee right away but when you go to the bathroom all that comes out is two little drops. Any who, I am talking about the peeing that happens when you laugh to hard or when you sneeze.  

About three months ago I was sitting around the dining room table with all my family laughing about old memories when all of a sudden, I felt a little tinkle. Yes, I peed myself a little. Slowly I left the table making my husband come with me to our bedroom. I started crying and laughing trying to tell him I peed myself a little which made me tinkle even more. Within a few seconds we were both grasping for air laughing. Never in a million years did we think this would be a topic of conversation or that I peed myself. Finally, I changed my pants and walked back out to the table. My sister in law gave me a look and knew right away I changed myself because I peed which made both of start laughing and once again I had to go change!  

Stretch mark time. Those lovely “badges of honor” our babies give us while they grow and grow in our tummies. Everyone hears about the stretch marks that woman get on their stomachs but do we talk about everywhere we can get them? Very recently I was getting changed when all of a sudden I noticed a TON of stretch marks….on….my…..butt. I had to take a double look. On top of getting stretch marks on the butt I also had them below my butt and on the inside of my leg near…the flower. The three places I did not think to apply stretch mark cream to everyday. Now I apply the magical stretch mark cream EVERYWHERE! No place is safe. Can anyone else relate to a weird spot or am I the only one?  

Lastly, mamas and moms to bee can we talk about how mom brain is a legit excuse? You can tell me something I need to do and I will write it down, put it in a calendar and I will 100% still forget to do it. My phone has ended up in the refrigerator, purses have been left at restaurants, and I will forget about my OBGYN appointments. This was something I was not prepared for. Before pregnancy I was so organized and always arrived to everything early, now you are lucky if I even remember to show up. What is the craziest mama brain you have experienced while pregnant or even when you became a mom? 

These are only a few of the funny and crazy things that have been my experience during pregnancy, I would love to hear yours! Please no negative comments for this is just me sharing my journey. 

Love you all ❤ 

Jac Jac  

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  1. Jenn says:

    Mom brain literally terrified me at times, it was so bad! And I was so scared it would never go back to normal. Haha! It does…kind of . Pregnancy is the craziest, coolest, scariest adventure until you actually birth the child and then motherhood itself is. Your hilarious! I love it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pregnancy seriously is crazy and interesting! ❤ Love that you had mom brain too…because I don't think anyone really prepares us for it hahaha!!! Thank you for commenting ❤


  2. Nicole K says:

    One word.


    Yep. I said it.

    Liked by 1 person

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