Gym Thoughts


Have you ever woken up one day and felt so motivated to get in shape? You start planning all the healthy/organic food you need to buy, how you will meal prep, and you go searching for your gym membership pass that is somewhere in your purse or under a pile of stuff in your house.

Of course, you cannot start going to the gym without at least one cute sports bra and leggings for us ladies. The only logical thing to do is take a trip to Target. Of course we have to take a second trip to Target because our first one we completely forgot all about our gym clothes and bought the whole $1 section.

Any who, we get our gym clothes on, have our pre-work out, meals all prepped and we drive our ass to the gym. We have so much confidence walking in like we own the place. We step right up to our treadmill, put our music on and set our pace. Here. We. Go.

120 seconds later……we look down at the timer and see we still have a long time to go before the timer is up on the treadmill. Aye! We haven’t even done any of the other work outs we pinned to our Pinterest board. In that moment you convince yourself you only have to walk ten more minutes 5 times and then you are done with the treadmill. Not so bad. You keep up your regular pace when all of a sudden you look beside you and see someone running on theirs and they do not even look tired. You look back at yours and up your speed..but not too much because come on we still have ten more minutes 4  times to go.

For the next forty minutes you decide to do some people watching. Who doesn’t love people watching? Especially at a gym. You get all different types. The first ones that catch my eye are those lifting heavy weights. Guys and girls. You stare at them in awe because you have no idea how they are doing it. Some of them are doing reps without even breaking a sweat, while you are a waterfall walking only 20 minutes. Next to the badass gym people you look to the wannabe ones who act like they know all about lifting weights and try showing off in front of those who really are lifting weights. The “wannabes” make the weirdest gym sounds. Yes, those gym sounds. The sounds people make during sex. You can tell everyone around them gets more awkward by each groan and is trying to mind their own business but it is kind of hard too when the moaning gets louder with each rep.

After feeling awkward listening to the “wannabes” you decide to people watch a different section of the gym. The machines. You feel for the people that walk up to an equipment and have absolutely no clue how to work it. When you start using the equipment you cannot help but feel you are doing something wrong since a few of the more “experienced” gym members keep glancing your way and saying something to their gym partner. You then look down to see how much more weight you can add on or you look around to see if anyone else is using the same machine and if they are doing the same thing as you.

One of my favorite people to people watch is the “insta models” of the gym. They come walking in, step on a machine or grab a weight. Take a few pictures and walk right out. Yet somehow these people have the best bodies I have seen. Anyone know how I can get a body like theirs and only work out for 5 minutes to take a picture? Sign me up!

Finally, you look down and you are done. You start the cool off process and once complete you wipe down the machine. (Which side note….people….always wipe down your machine. No one wants to touch your sweat) You start thinking of a few little work outs you can do before you leave. Next best thing is to grab a mat and start those crunches. Next to you is a person doing a “plank” and you think to yourself “hmmm, that does not look to hard”. So, you finish up your crunches and decide to plank.

OH.MY.GOSH. Anyone who has said a minute goes by fast obviously has never done a plank. Within 10 seconds your whole body is shaking and dripping with sweat. You stare down at your phone timer wondering why in the world are the seconds going by so freaking slow. You try thinking of something else, anything else but you can’t because every muscle in your body is yelling at you for thinking this was “easy”.

Your minute is up and you drop to the floor heaving for air and so confused how the same person next to you is still doing a plank without even shaking. At that point you don’t even care because you are so proud of yourself for completing your first day back at the gym. You gather up your stuff, go home and reward yourself with a little snack..or a huge bowl of ice cream. It is time for bed and to set a timer for the gym but you think “Well, I worked out a lot today so I don’t need to work out tomorrow”. Long story short, that ladies and gentleman is the most common gym cycle because we all know after giving one excuse not to go back to the gym it takes a while to feel that motivation again.

This is honestly how my fitness journey started out for the first two years. I had a lot of “motivation” days and even more “excuses” of why not to continue. I started eating one more cookie or have one more beer. It was always one more. When I could’ve been at the gym pursing the body of my dreams doing one more sit up or one more minute of my run. Once I hit a high in my weight I really kicked my ass in the gym and I became one of the everyday gym goers. The ones I use to be jealous of, so I felt accomplished when I got to that point. Once you can get through the slump and stop making excuses (the excuses were the hardest part to give up) the gym becomes like a second home and fitness is who you are. I cannot wait till this baby in my belly comes out so I can get right back into my workout routines. Yes, I still do people watch because it’s fun!

This post is not to bash anyone or be mean, it is an honest post about my journey getting into fitness and a lot of thoughts I had along the way. No negativity please, only positive vibes. Thank you to everyone who read this post! You guys are the greatest!

Love you all ❤

Jac Jac

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