(L.P.P) Last Pregnancy Post


I am sitting in my sons room looking at the finished project and in this moment, I hear nothing but the clicks of my keyboard. Everything is in its perfect spot, his clothes are washed, and our hospital bags are packed. In about a month life will change forever. He will be laying in his crib, things will be out of place, dirty bottles in the sink and a sleep deprived mama. The reality is setting in how quick his due date is approaching. During these last nine months I would say “I am becoming a mom” until I am blue in the face but it never really sunk in until this very moment. Less than 30 days I will be James mother. 

For all my fellow preggos and mamas you all know the emotional rollercoaster your body goes through in the last trimester and mostly during the last four weeks of your pregnancy. I personally was not prepared for the emotions that came crashing down. It ranges from super happy, to anxious, then to sad and also rage. You can feel each of those emotions within a five-minute time frame and for no apparent reason either. Anything can set you off. Anything!  

For example: I woke up one morning actually feeling rested and super happy. I went into the kitchen and poured myself a nice big bowl of cereal. When I went to the refrigerator to pour the milk I was shocked to see there was no milk. I started frantically looking all over the fridge for milk and checked the garage refrigerator as well. No Milk. Zip. Nada. I got so angry that I dumped the cereal in the trash can and started crying because I wasted good cereal. Not even ten-minutes later my mom came walking through the door from the grocery store with milk and all my happiness came flooding back in. (Yup….I was that crazy pregnant woman that cried and got angry over a bowl of cereal…) 

Pregnancy has been the hardest obstacle I have ever had to complete. Now, me saying that does not mean I am not grateful for carrying my son. I love knowing that my body was able to be a home for him and a safe place for him to grow! But let’s get real ladies, pregnancy is hard. On top of the emotions of the third trimester also comes the weird gross stuff…..like…..gas…..yup I said it. The gas in the third trimester is real and no one wants to talk about it! Whether it be burping or farting. Every pregnant woman goes through it and you cannot control it which is the worst part. I have a total new respect for moms. The things our bodies go through in these nine months is both beautiful and gross.  

Knowing the end is right around the corner has the butterflies in my belly doing flips like crazy (or it could be gas…you never know). Only four more OB appointments until I see my sons face, only four more weeks of waddling like a penguin and peeing every five seconds, only four more weeks of heart burn and only four more weeks of this discharge that is beyond a crazy amount. All these crazy pregnancy symptoms will be done in four more weeks. The downside of not being pregnant in four weeks is that I cannot justify eating all the ice cream, cookies, and anything in general that I am craving. Which also leads to the weight gain, after these four weeks I have to watch my weight again. I guess you can say the best three things about pregnancy were: No period, eat whatever you want, and not have to worry about the scale.  

Even though the pregnancy symptoms will be gone shortly, all the new emotions of becoming a mom set in. Obviously, I do not have experience yet in the mom department so I cannot say what those emotions will be but I am ready. Ready for the good, the bad, the mistakes and the successes of becoming James mother. The part of motherhood I am not looking forward to is the competitive and judging of other mothers. The big debates of vaccinating and not vaccinating, breast feeding or formula feeding, vaginal birth or c-section and working moms or stay at home moms. NONE of these are bad and whichever a mother chooses is perfect. I have seen so much shade being thrown out at mothers by other mothers. It really has broken my heart that as woman we are ripping each other apart.  

Aren’t we in a time were woman are fighting for their rights? We are screaming so our voices are heard. We are rising together to show the world woman matter. How come we can do all of that in the business world and social world but we cannot defend each other in the mama world. A woman should not be shamed for breastfeeding their child in public and a woman should not be ridiculed for not wanting to breastfeed. Both moms are feeding their babies. Both moms are doing what is right for their family. When can we end the debate of which is better and why? Can we finally look at a mom and be grateful that she is feeding her child? There are so many babies and children in our country and outside of our country that are being abused, malnourished, and starving. So many things are happening in our world that the last thing we need to be doing is judging another mother for the choices she makes. We already go through so many changes during pregnancy and becoming a mom, so we need all the support we can get. #mompower 

Stay tuned for the blog posts to follow of my labor and delivery process and actually becoming a mom now. I am so grateful for each and every one of you who are reading my blog. Thank you for all the positive response and support! 

Love you all ❤ 

Jac Jac  


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  1. Jenn says:

    I’m so excited for you! And I’m definitely a mom who throws no shade. It is the hardest most awesome thing, we NEED to support each other. You’re going to do great!


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