The Life We Take For Granted


Have you ever been so consumed in your own life with bills, work, kids, family, friends, drama…etc, that you start seeing things more negatively? Has anyone else noticed that since social media has become a part of us that depression and anxiety have sky rocketed? Now that we can fake how great our lives are we do not even see when someone so close to us is hurting, we are so invested in ourselves and how many followers we have that we turn the other way when someone is need. We became a generation that judges so harshly and holds on to grudges yet we say we are the most accepting generation. Does anyone else notice this? 

While I have been taking time for myself before my son is born these thoughts have been running through my mind. How much do we take for granted and how people have turned from “we” to “me”? Through these last few weeks I have done a lot of self-reflecting. I will admit I have been that person that can get so consumed with life and everyday problems. Once I was bound to thinking only about my problems I did not realize how much I took for granted. 

We sometimes go through life thinking about everything we do not have or we look at what others have and become jealous. How come it is so easy to look at what is not ours but it is hard to be grateful for everything we do have? Sometimes when I am scrolling through Facebook or Instagram I will get sad when I see others have more likes on their post because in my eyes it seems like they are more loved than I am. When did getting likes determine our worth? Do we post because we truly want to share good stuff or are we posting to give ourselves a boost? Suicide has become a huge thing in our generation and studies are showing it is because of social media. The pressure to seem perfect and that we have our lives together.  

Do not get me wrong social media has amazing perks. I love seeing what my family and friends are up too and come on memes are hilarious. It can bring family closer when they do not live in the same state by being able to stay in touch and people are able to promote their businesses. So, I truly think social media has done a lot of good as well. It is not that I am hating on social media, it is that in my opinion I am seeing it being turned from something beautiful to something where people are trying to outdo each other. It is becoming a place where we think everyone needs to know our opinion and if someone does not agree with us it is somehow okay to shame them on Facebook or Instagram but not okay to do it in person? We have become a strong-willed generation but behind our phones and computer. A lot of things we say online we would not say in person. I have seen some TERRIBLE stuff recently with all the election stuff happening again and people are telling other people to go kill themselves or that they do not deserve to be alive. It angers me to the core that people are being consumed with their own opinion that they think it is okay to degrade someone and tell them to take their life.  

News flash it is ONE HUNDRED percent okay to not agree with everyone. It is okay to have different political views. It is okay to raise your kids different than your friend or sibling. We should NOT be bringing each other down. We have other things that are more important in the world. Woman and men everyday are sacrificing their lives overseas (and here in the US. Cops, firefighters etc) so that we can go to sleep tonight knowing we will wake up in the morning. These woman and men do not think twice about protecting us, so we should start living everyday with loving each other and respecting that we will not always agree with one another. We live in the land of the free because of the brave, so let’s stop taking advantage of it and actually love the ONE life we have been given.  

We need to start being grateful that we woke up today or had a hot meal or even a hot shower. We are not promised tomorrow or even an hour from now. Anything can happen and take someone we love away from us or even our own life. Do we really want to leave this world when all we did was worry or be ungrateful? No! When the days seem hard and trust me we will all have those days, we need to find one good thing to be grateful for. Even if it is something so small like I am grateful to have found a penny on the floor. Once we start being grateful for the little things all the bigger things will reveal themselves and our happiness will improve each and every day.  

I know this blog I am asking so many questions and honestly between us I do not have all the answers. This is a post to bring awareness that we need to start being more grateful in a world where so many things are negative. Thank you so much for reading my post today! Only positive comments because this just me sharing our journey and our view. We accept everyone for who they are and how they view things.  

Love you all ❤ 

Jac Jac  


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