What are you grateful for today? Are you grateful for waking up or being able to have a bed to sleep on? Have you ever taken a minute to stop and truly be grateful for all the little things in your life?  The little things are ones we take for granted and do not realize how much we need them until they are gone. Hmmm…we hear that saying a lot in movies or books or even everyday life. “You do not know what you have until it is gone.” Do you think maybe if we took one minute out of every day to be grateful we would realize all that we have? 

Gratefulness is something I am taking time to meditate on and really trying to bring into not only my life but my families. Once upon a time I was the girl that would see the cup as half empty and find all the things that could go wrong. Once I accepted all the negative my mind would run wild with the endless possibilities of bad out comes. Practically I let fear and anxiety control my life. Since I let the negative fester in my mind I actually gave life to the negative thoughts for them to become reality. After they became my reality I would play the victim card of, “Why me?” or I would see others around me and be jealous that their lives seemed so much easier than mine but it was no one else’s fault other than my own.  

In the beginning it is easier to find the negative and bad things going on in the world, in everyone around you and even in your own life. We tend to try and take the easy route because we deal with enough shit in life. Yes, I said shit in my blog. Is easier really the path we want to take? I am going to go ahead and answer and say “Nope!”. If something was that easy than honestly it is not worth it. We as humans need something to fight for or strive for.  

Let us start striving to be more grateful. Even if in the beginning we are not sure what to be grateful for, let us be grateful that we woke up today, have clothes on our back, food in our fridges and a toothbrush to brush our teeth. We are fortunate to have those things when many in this world do not. Once we get used to being grateful for the little things than our mentality starts changing and our minds start searching for the positive. After we get used to seeing the positive over negative we than start being grateful how the little things have helped us accomplish our big dreams. Now that we have accomplished our big dreams nothing seems impossible even when things go wrong.  

I am a girl who deals with anxiety and in my opinion, I believe being grateful is the medicine that is underrated. Gratefulness leads to happiness and happiness leads to a clear mind. Today I woke up and before I got out of bed and looked at my phone I took sixty seconds to be grateful. Things that were on my list were: I’m grateful my son has been growing healthy in my tummy for 39 weeks, in 11 days his daddy and I will get to hold him in our arms, that I get to have a banana for breakfast, I have a car that works and friends who love me. Saying a few things, I was grateful for started my day off right and I had a little smile. After I got myself out of bed for breakfast I felt a little anxiety creep in because I started thinking of two big things my husband and I are dealing with money wise and the unknown but then I stopped my mind from going to those places and I thanked God for a few more things such as: My husband has a job, we are living with my parents while he is away so we can save, and God has always made a way. Once I took those negative thoughts captive and turned them into something beautiful I instantly felt my body relax and good scenarios started to come to mind. 

The benefits of being grateful are endless. While I was reaching gratefulness this past week for the blog I saw so many scientific posts that agree those who practice gratefulness regularly experience more positive emotions, better sleep, show more compassion to those around them, and I even saw a few studies that showed it helps with your immune system. Gratitude does not only have to be for the special moments when everything is going amazing. Do not get me wrong, one should one hundred percent be grateful when things go great with work, family, or anything along those lines but it is being grateful outside of those moments that will help each of us become a better version of ourselves.  

Today I challenge all of you to take sixty seconds out of your day for a whole two weeks and be grateful for three things a day. Come on, it is only sixty seconds. You can even do it when you pee or are making your coffee or brushing your teeth or putting down your phone. You got this. In two weeks, you will see that you smile a little more and things that seemed like the end of the world will not be so bad anymore.  

Thank you to everyone who tuned in for today’s blog! I seriously have the best followers. Please no negative comments for this is just me sharing our journey. 

Love you all ❤ 

Jac Jac  

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