Labor and Delivery

Instead of publishing a huge blog for you all to read I decided to share my labor and delivery story with you guys through a video of me explaining my experience.

Did anyone ever tell you their pregnancy story and it scared the shit out of you that you did not want to go through delivery? well for me….HECK YES!! I heard dozens of stories of horror deliveries but every single woman said they would go through it again to get the end result of their son or daughter. I never understood that. Even being pregnant I still did not understand. I knew I loved the child growing inside of me but he still did not feel like my son and I did NOT want to go through pain.

Well I am here to say that even with my two failed epidurals I finally understand. I would go through that pain one thousand times over and over again for me to hold our son James in my arms.

I am keeping the writing short since the video is a little long. :p If any of you mammas wanna share your delivery story with me please do! Would love to hear how you awesome bad ass moms got through it to hold your babes. ❤

Hope you enjoy and love you all <333

Jac Jac

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