For All My Mammas


To the moms out in the world who did not breastfeed, I see you.

Did your baby not latch?

Or did you not make enough milk?

Maybe…just maybe it hurt toooo damn much.

To the moms out in the world who did not breastfeed, I see you.

Did someone scare you out of breast feeding?

Or did someone put so much pressure on you to breast feed?

Did you hear people say “breast is best”?

Or…maybe You just didn’t want to breast feed.

To the moms out in the world who did not breastfeed, I see you.

Did you have a medical condition that couldn’t allow you to nurse your baby no matter how badly you wanted too?

Did you try breastfeeding but everything was going wrong and your baby was losing weight so you had to give them formula?

Did you try all those cookies and drinks to produce more milk but it made you dry up?

To all the moms out in the world who did not breastfeed, I see you.

I see YOU. I see YOUR pain. I see YOUR struggle.

You do NOT need to explain your reasoning to anyone about what happened.

Do NOT feel guilty. YOU tried your hardest and to the moms who just didn’t breastfeed I am one of you. I cannot count how many times people have given me the disgusted look of “Why wouldn’t you breast feed?” or “Can you tell me why you chose that?”….Those questions would bring me to tears. I am an amazing mother who has a bond with their child like no other. I fed my child. He is smart. He is healthy. He is happy. How dare other mothers ask that question…you do not what that mom is going through. It is none of our business how another baby is fed. Why cant we just be happy and look at a mom and say “You are doing a F&*^%# amazing job.” Do not think just because a mom chose to formula feed that she has it easy…she has to deal with looks, stares, guilt..

I love my breastfeeding mammas. My favorite people did and I LOVED that they would talk to me about their experiences and troubles because breastfeeding is a GORGEOUS thing. It is not for the weak, so give your girlfriend a high five next time you see her breastfeeding and while you’re at give your other girlfriend a high five too…the one with a bottle filled with formula.

We are moms. We endured intense pain no matter how you delivered. We are moms. We know a love deeper than anything. We are moms.

I want everyone to know no matter their choices they made as a mom….

YOU are NOT alone.

Thank you for reading and I have missed posting, but now I am back and I am ready for this new year.

Love you all!

Jac Jac

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