You Choose


Everyone knows you decide your own fate. God gave us free will to choose our path in life. You will hear a lot “Everything happens for a reason”, but does it? How does everything happen for a reason when we chose that path?

We are a society where we want everything given to us fast and easy. We want the next new shinny thing. We want to be with the “in crowd”. We want the next best post on social media. We want…..easy.

For instance my dad has a church which I have grown up in and we are a small church but we are a family. I feel safe here. I love knowing my son is going to grow up in this church and learn God in a deep meaningful way. As much as I love my dads church I have heard people complain about stuff (Ex. A better nursery or need a youth group etc.). That always bothered me and has bothered me more now so that I am a mom. When I hear someone complain or leave a church for a reason as silly as that I wonder if it was all just an excuse or because they just wanted to complain. If you want to see a difference than BE the difference. If you want to SEE a change than change it. Don’t leave somewhere or quit because it is not going the way you wanted. (I say that in general, not just for our church)

After feeling angry over hearing those things I sought God and asked him what I could do and to help me not be so angry. That night when I was putting my son to sleep I heard God say to me, “Be the change”. That is exactly what my husband and I did. Even with my CRAZY (I mean crazy) work and life schedule we decided to become the youth pastors. Many thought we were crazy and I even had people tell me “Jaclyn you have too much on your plate”. Which in those peoples defense I do have a busy schedule. I work a full time mom, take care of our house, bills, take care of our car, have a baby boy, write a blog, and now a youth pastor….all while having a husband who was gone 99% of the time. None of the phased me thought. I didn’t want to become the person that complains and leaves. I decided to become the person who creates what I want.

Becoming a youth pastor has been one of the greatest blessings. I have 8-10 youth and each of them has made me smile a little more each Sunday. They make me laugh and excited for the future of our church. I have been getting messages from their parents on how happy their teens are now to come to church and how much they love having me. Don’t get me wrong I have had Sundays where I did not want to go to church because my son didn’t sleep or I haven’t had any alone time with my son or even me time and sometimes it is totally okay to just stay home! Everyone needs those days. Everyone needs a break but most Sundays I make sure I wake up and go because I am creating the path I want for our family.

Everyday we wake up we are choosing the path we want to take. We are going to make mistakes and honestly right now my husband and I are dealing with some intense stuff because of choices we had made in the past. Instead of wallowing in self pity (as much as I want too) we are CHOOSING a different path. A path that will be best for our family moving forward. Know that even if you make some wrong choices you can ALWAYS make the right choice after. God is a forgiving God and He is has so much grace. More than we ever deserve. So lets go out in this crazy ass world and choose our paths. The paths we dreamed of.

No matter what anyone says in the end of the day you know what is best for your family and you have to pursue that path. All that I ask of you is this…Don’t take the easy path because it is what everyone else is doing or because you need a break…Choose the path that is TRULY right for your family and do not give up. YOU decide your fate. Seek God and He will help you, but in the end of the day He gave you free will. Don’t abuse that will.

Please know everything I said in this blog is not to offend anyone, this was a personal experience about making a choice to take on more stuff in a season where we are overwhelmed and it turned out to be the best decision for our family.

Love you all <333


Jac Jac


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