Who Are You?


Hey Everyone,

I had blogs ready to post but I delayed those a week because I felt so strongly that I needed to post this one. Also do not judge me on typos or bad grammar. I’m typing this on my phone and half asleep. Haha.

Who are you?

Now before you answer that question I want you to take a second and breathe. Breathe in and out. Walk away from whatever you’re doing, put down your phone and go breathe. I will wait for you.





Okay, did you go take a second to breathe? I don’t think you did but I hope after this blog you truly will.

As a woman we already have a lot of pressure on us. We have to act a certain way, dress a certain way, speak a certain way and the list goes on and on. Everyone knows that if a girl sleeps around she’s a whore but if a man does he’s a legend. That alone should show that woman are judged much harsher than men.

As moms we enter a world of judgment. It’s whose baby is more advance or who is a better mom? Who got their body back quicker after birth or had an easier labor? Who spanks their kids and who doesn’t? No matter what a mom does we are judged. We compare. We fall into judging. You and I both know we have all judged. So don’t think you’re so high and mighty.

The world says we are one thing yet on social media we are fighting so hard to stand out and be different that we are actually becoming the same. We are comparing our kids, complaining about life, judging others for being working moms or stay at home moms (see my blog post that I don’t believe in those titles), and we judge a mom or a woman on what she wears. Why? Is it because we want to feel better about ourself? Do we not want to feel alone so doing all those things covers up our pain?

Why can’t we just be who God created us to be? Why do we judge? Why do we compare? Why do we speak negatively over someone’s life?

Who are you?

Do you like action movies or romcom? Do you like candy or fruit? Do you prefer deep talks or casual conversation? Do you like The Office or Friends better?

Who are you?

Are you sensitive? Are you more introvert? Are you compassionate? Are you rough?

Who are you?

Do you love working out? Do you hate working out? Do you want more kids? Do you want any kids?

Who are you?

Who am I?

I’m the girl with stretch marks on my ass and thighs. I’m the girl who laughs in moments when I’m truly happy and cries when I’m angry. I’m the girl that overthinks and bottles her true feelings but eventually explodes. I’m the girl whose been judged for loving being a full time working mom. I’m the girl that grew up never fitting in. I’m the girl who works out everyday at 4am to make sure I got my body back. I’m the girl who always has a back up plan. I’m the girl that when you need me I’ll show up. I am the girl wants to know she’s wanted.

Be you. I can tell you for so long I tried being someone else. I was either too emotional or too nice. I always had to become what the other person wanted to fit in. Yet still I was not enough. I would cry myself to sleep wondering what I did wrong or said to not be part of the group. Why I wasn’t accepted. I would have friends one day and the next they would be gone because I would end up burning myself out trying to please every single person.

Than as I got older I realized I am pretty damn awesome person. I’m emotional at times. Sensitive to other feelings. Hard worker. Lover. Loyal. The list goes on. I now have more positive things to say about myself than negative and let me tell you that feels good! People will like me or they won’t. Yes sometimes I have bad days, like today. I felt I didn’t belong again but than when I got home I had a pep talk with myself and reminded myself I don’t need to “fit” the mold. I can be me. Those around me will either love me or hate me but that’s not my problem because I’m DONE fitting into society. Are YOU?

Are you ready to not be insecure when you see a mom post about her post pregnancy body? Are you ready to not be jealous when a friend is advancing? Are you ready to not judge if a mom is parenting different? Are you ready to smile at that woman who is dressing differently than you would’ve? Are you ready to cheer your friend or mom friend on when they are advancing or their baby is doing amazing at this stage in their life? Are you ready to wake up everyday and give yourself a pep talk? Are you ready to be the change? Are you?

So tell me…who are you?

Thank you all! 🙂

Love you guys <333

Jac Jac

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    Nice post.❤️

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