What Kind of Mom Are You?


Let’s jump straight into it! So what kind of mom are you? There is no wrong answer and this is a “judgement free zone”. Well…you know someone will judge but that’s life.

STRICT MOM: The ones that try and stick to a schedule. The ones who may not let their kids watch cartoons or tv. The ones who may not let their kids eat sugar. The ones who may use the cry it out method. The ones who get so much back lash for doing what they believe is right. Everyone by now knows I’m a cry it out mom and yes it sounds scary but it’s not what people make it out to be. I love my child and my child loves me. He is not ruined because I used that method. Quite the opposite. He is advance. Don’t judge a mom on how she parents. She’s doing what’s right for her. Some moms need a schedule and some moms don’t. Neither are wrong. Both are right. Strict moms get the most crap said about them but honestly they are the strongest ones.

CRUNCHY MOMS: Oh yes girls we are getting crunchy! We are in the generation of oils. Everything can be made by, fixed, or cleaned with essential oils. Your crunchy moms got your back. They are the ones that have saved us from using chemicals. (which thank you for that! Seriously my kid is starting to get into cabinets and it’s a blessing knowing all of it is safe) Crunchy moms will think nothing is weird cause they are the true hippies of life becoming one with the earth. So get a crunchy friend because they won’t judge you if you’re wanting to try something new. They will be right next to you looking into it making sure it’s safe for you and your family.

STAY AT HOME MOMS: Yes, being a stay at home mom IS a job. That’s all I have to say about that part. Now moving on. These mammas have a hard job. They don’t get a break. They are on the go constantly. They cook. They clean. They cook. They have play dates with other moms.They do the laundry. They teach their kids. They go go go go go. The list will never end for them because something else will always come up. Stay at home moms are living proof someone can stay alive only sleeping for a few hours a night. Stay at home moms are the glue to keeping the family together even when they feel like falling apart. Those moms, they have a big heart.

WORKING MOMS: These moms don’t get a break and many people think they do. Going to work isn’t a vacation away from their kid(s). It’s working a hard job while thinking of a thousand things you have to do at home in a short amount of time. Working moms feel guilt from other moms who say they “are blessed to be at home with their kid”. News flash…not every mom wants to be a stay at home mom. I’m speaking for a friend who confided in me that she loves work because she feels she’s setting an example for her daughter that she can have it all if she fights hard enough. Working moms…want to feel accepted by the other moms. They do play dates at night or weekends. We miss a lot of the “fun” stuff but we make up for it in the end.

NEW MOM: The hardest one of them all. You literally give birth to your child and the doctor hands you a baby and walks away saying “good luck”. Okay..not really exactly like that but pretty damn close. You have no idea what to do and you’ve heard so many opinions and a ton of advice but in the end of the day every child is different. You’re the new mom who has all the new gadgets and toys and about 6 months in realize you needed none of that. You’re the new mom who calls the doctor every time they get a small red mark or breathe a different way. You’re the new mom that hovers and never accepts help when on the inside you’re dying for someone to help. New moms…are trying to adjust to learning that now for the rest of their lives this little one is the most important person.

Now the one type of mom we all should never be is:

JUDGING MOMS: The moms who will always think they are better than you. The ones who think they are the mom whisper and their children are made of the most precious gold in all the land. These are the moms that pat you on the back and say you’re doing a good job but also somehow diss you at the same time. You’ll leave the conversation confused if you were just complimented or judged. Judging moms are the ones that whisper out in public while giving you “the look”. They are the ones that have the “perfect” life on Instagram and will make sly remarks on social media that you 1000% know are towards you.

I could keep going on and on about the list of moms. Honestly the list never ends. We are a generation of “labeling”. Once you’re labeled that’s it. That’s all you’ll ever be or so our generation believes. Girl…break out of that stigma. No “mom label” can define who you really are. Be a mom. You can do it all. Preferably try to steer clear of the judging mom…but y’all let’s be real. We have all been judged and we will all will judge. It’s just learning not to always judge and when you do take a step back and realize you’re not perfect either. No mom has it easier than another. The grass is always greener on the other side. Be happy with who you are. Your child will love you and won’t remember what type of mom you were growing up…they will just remember that you are their mom. Be present in the moment. Realize every mom struggles and every mom is doing what is right for them. Don’t shame a mom into becoming a mom like you. Be unique. Be you.

Thank you all for reading my post!

Love y’all <333

Jac Jac

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